Portrait of Laura

A recent video made by Sammi W, where I discuss my processes of making comics and what they means to me.


A few years ago I was approached by the iCould team at the time I was employed at Jagex Games Studios. It summarises pretty well how I had to move away to look for jobs as a postgrad, and “double-job” as a freelancer while earning rent money via any sort of job (admin, shelf stacking etc) for living an independent life.  This is pretty normal if you want to follow an art-based career, so rest assured if you are also doing this, you are doing a good job, so keep at it!


One or two years ago I worked with the Videojug team. We filmed some quick “How to” videos to describe how to drawing Japanese anime and manga inspired illustrations for newcomers, using a rapid-fire approach. Below are a selection of the works I made with the lovely crew, who travelled all the way to Cambridge with their equipment to film me working digitally in my study!

The full list of videos I made with the Videojug team can be viewed here.

If you are interested in a video demonstration or interview, please email me [laura.watton[@]] and describe what you would like, plus details of your budget to arrange contractual work.

1 Response to Videos

  1. Anna Radford says:

    Thank you for that 🙂

    I have finish my course in Art and Design (level 3)
    I not really know where to go now but I am getting back into things I enjoy.

    I’ll got find your page on facebook 🙂

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