All characters are copyright their respective owners.

POP PIXIE Tome 2 colour pages. Artworker duties assistant to Chloe Citrine.

[Cel shading, outlines, background art manipulation] :: [Pop Pixie © CASTERMAN, ISBN-13: 978-2874429385]

poppixie1_laura poppixie2_laura


Inks over pencils provided by “Medikidz” comics


DRAGON’S CLAWS :: pencils by Paul Ridgon, inks by Laura Watton-Davies

Test inks over pencil work by Paul Ridgon :: [Dragon’s Claws © Marvel Comics]


DREDD illustration rough by Laura Watton-Davies  

[Judge Dredd © 2000 AD/Rebellion]


ZOMBIE DAYS promo pages

[Zombie Days © 2012 Rebel Developers]


WIRELESS PETS comic strips

[Wireless Pets © The Games Kitchen]

4_wp_01 4_wp_02


I have a knack for adapting to completely different styles once established with style sheets and art direction; examples above.

I am interested in working on comic projects for publishers. Please contact me via [laura.watton[@]] and describe what brief is available, plus details of your budget to arrange contractual work.

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